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About us

Six to Sunday was founded on the idea that great style should be accessible to women of all shapes and ages.

Designed To Dress With Confidence

All women experience body shape shifting at different stages in life. And yes, this shape shifting means you go from knowing how to dress your body with ease to being baffled at how to approach everyday dressing (like, say, dressing your super buff arms or dealing with a post-partum belly bulge).

To make matters worse, the prevailing fashion is constantly changing. There are seasonal trends coming at you fast and furiously, along with shifts in the way “classic” styles evolve.

You’ve got better things to do with your time. So we launched Six to Sunday. 

Six to Sunday curates the best pieces for grown up women, providing shoppable clothing and body-driven style advice delivered in a simple weekly newsletter.

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"We want women to spend their time living in style instead of searching for it."

Rachel & Janice, Co-Founders