We're filling the gap in fashion.

Today, fashion is an exercise in endless scrolling through clothing that is too...
[young] [expensive] [frumpy] [impractical] [ill fitting].
We deliver practical
(yet pretty) advice, inspiration, and picks for your style and your body.
We bring you brands that fit, pieces that flatter, and sweet spot pricing so you can walk out of the house comfortable & confident.

Who we are

Real women, real bodies, real practical.

We're a team of women - seasoned stylists, fashion editors and entrepreneurs - who have partnered together to bring you curated fashion that fits our changing bodies, styles and lifestyle.

We focus on dressing your specific body shape with clothing you are sure to love so that you can walk out of the house feeling comfortable and confident.

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Yep, shopping should be that easy.

Our ethos

We believe stepping out of the house dressed confidently — and having fun doing it — should be accessible to everyone.

We believe fashion can lift your spirits, set you at ease and spark joy.

We believe you deserve to spend your time living in style instead of searching for it.

We believe in making your look feel like you, and we’re here to help you do it.

"Clothes aren’t going to change the world. The women who wear them are."

Anne Klein