4 Looks Women Blessed with Large Boobs Need to Try

If you've been blessed with a large bust then you know that as fun as having boobs has been, big breasts are unfortunately not without...
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If you've been blessed with a large bust then you know that, as fun as having boobs has been, big breasts are unfortunately not without their struggles. Identifying the styles, necklines and cuts that compliment your shape is not easy, especially when you’re working with big boobs. So when you find styles that work, they can be tempting to stick with… to the point of boredom.

We set out to find styles suited to a larger chest that could take you outside the comfort zone of a traditional V-neck and into pieces that are flattering, comfortable and stylish.

Remember this tip from our stylists: A large bust covered with too much fabric can make it look even larger. So look for styles that balance fabric with skin… a perfect transition to feeling incredible on those fun nights out.

Square Neck

One of the most understated, sexy parts of a woman’s body is her neckline, and a square neck top creates the perfect shape to accentuate this area while simultaneously drawing attention away from the chest. Look for square necklines paired with smocking or shirring details around the bodice to give your waist extra shape and avoid fabric overload.

Wrap Top

A wrap top, like a wrap dress, offers breathing room for your bust, while also creating the ever-flattering V-neck cut. The secret to why the V-neck just works is that a subtle plunge creates a long line that shifts the focus away from your ample assets. The best versions of the wrap shirt offer the ability to cinch the shirt as tight or loose as you wish and a V-neck that is not so low you need to worry about showing off more than you want.

Ruched Button Down

Button down blouses can be a minefield when it comes to big boobs, with gaps between the buttons our worst nightmare. But the latest style in soft fabrics gives a great V-neck option that is soft and elevated for a night out. With this style, it's possible you will need to size up to make sure the buttons don't pull over your boobs.


A sweetheart neckline creates a tasteful yet sexy look that makes the décolletage the focus without going too low in the cleavage department. Just be sure to stay away from styles that outline the boob or have built-in bras to give your girls some room!

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