4 Sweater Styles That Skip the Bulk

After months of heat and humidity, it’s time to officially swap seasons in our closets (if you haven’t already), pulling out one of our favorite pieces...
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Is it just us or did we go from Summer to Fall overnight this past week?

After months of heat and humidity, it’s time to officially swap seasons in our closets (if you haven’t already), pulling out one of our favorite pieces of cool-weather wear: the sweater.

As excited as we are for layers and chunky knits, like many of you, we approach this article of clothing thoughtfully. As we age, there’s a fine line between feeling cozy and feeling stuffed, between warmth and pieces that add potentially unflattering volume.

So let’s talk about our favorite current looks and how to style them.

For each category, our stylists also picked favorites across price points, with the goal of making our style recommendations accessible for all.

Timeless & Versatile: Oversized Cardigan

One of the most versatile sweater looks for women of a certain age is the oversized cardigan. A longer cardigan elongates all body shapes and is one of the most simple style pieces to flatter and compliment our midsection and lower half. The most classic expression of this style is layering a long cardigan over a crisp white button up, creating a stunning contrast of a cardigan's slouchy comfort with an oxford’s structure.

[Six to Sunday Team Tips]

  • To minimize volume, pair an oversized look with a slim-fitting base layer. Body-con and body-skimming both work, and tanks, tees, and long sleeves are all fair game.
  • Proceed with caution when it comes to layering a cardigan on top of a turtleneck, which can overly accentuate the bust and upper body.

French Chic: Nautical Stripes

Like you, we love investing in classics, and so it’s even better when the classics become the current style and vice versa. Stripes first entered the world of fashion stardom thanks to Coco Chanel borrowing this seamen’s look, and the world hasn’t looked back. Classic, timeless, and chic… we can use the same adjectives for the nautical style as for the incredible women of this community (who doesn’t want to be described like that!?), which is why this style is destined to have a place in our closets.

Relaxed Prep: Polo Collared V-Neck

Collared sweaters - with their slightly preppy and always polished look - are another key contender for “complementary on all body types.” A polo-inspired sweater is easy to style because it stands alone so well. The Six to Sunday influencer community has been wearing this with just about everything from jeans to under a quilted vest and just about anywhere from the weekend to the office. For women with a well-endowed chest, this v-neck look is a great pick for you.

Trying on the Trend: Fuzzy Knits

From mohair to alpaca to responsible blend fluffy knits, fuzz is fun. Can it add volume? Sure thing. That’s why we recommend a few styling tips to pull off this look without looking like a shaggy decorative pillow.

[Six to Sunday Team Tips]

  • If going for a hip-length sweater, opt for a casual front tuck into a pant or belt
  • Pair the volume with a fitted jean or wide leg, simple pant
  • Consider buying one size up so the material doesn’t cling in the wrong places
  • Look for cardigan options that are open in the front or sweaters with slits on the side

Six to Sunday Finds: Final Sale & Limited Sizes

While hunting, we found some gems that we couldn’t let go unnoticed! For the adventurous ones amongst us, we hope you enjoy these limited sizing and final sale pieces selected with you in mind.


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