15 Mother’s Day Gifts to Give (Or Gift Yourself) This Year

A Mother's Day gift guide (and conversation) from the Founder and Editorial Director of Six to Sunday on the many mothers in their lives.
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With Mother’s Day fast approaching, Rachel Stevens (Co-founder and CEO of Six to Sunday) and Susan Swimmer (Editorial Director) started to think about how they were both going to mark the occasion.

A convo turned into a glass of white wine—and with it an outpouring of stories about the women in their lives and the gifts, of course, that they would get them.

Happy Mother’s Day, to all those that mother and all those who receive mothering, in whatever form that takes.

RACHEL: Susan, I know this is a thoughtful holiday for you. Your mom is no longer with us, so who—besides her—do you typically honor on Mother’s Day?

SUSAN: My mother died many years ago, and although she could never be replaced, I’m grateful to a few women who have always tried to fill that void for me. I call them my stand-in mothers.

RACHEL: I love that. As you know, one of my parents passed at a young age, too. So what would you gift these stand-in superwomen?

SUSAN: One of my favorite writers, Barbara Kingsolver, has a new book out, and it’s a great read. I’ll order it from my neighborhood bookstore as an added bonus because I want to see small businesses thrive.

Demon Copperhead: An Oprah’s Book Club Pick

Also since I’ve spent my whole life working in fashion, my stand-in mothers count on me to keep them up to date. This bag is lightweight, lays flat against the body, and holds a lot.

MZ Wallace Metro Sling Bag

SUSAN: And what about you and your mom?

RACHEL: My mom is my rock. She supports me in every way possible, and I am eternally grateful for her. For gifts, I always try to mix the practical with the splurge (that I know she’d never spend on herself).

My mom carries around her cup of coffee from 9 AM to noon, and, living in the Northeast, it gets cold quickly! She could keep her coffee warm all morning with this neat smart mug.

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

I also like to gift my mom perfume because she hates the process of finding a scent she likes when her signature perfume is no longer being sold. I came across this super luxury brand that makes unbelievable scents, and I think she’d love this one.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540 Eau de Parfum

RACHEL: Ok, and keeping it in the family, how about your girls?!

SUSAN:  Ahh, the girls who made me a mother: my daughters. It’s so true what they say—when you have children, your heart expands in ways you never knew were possible.

Like their mother, my girls love great beauty products. A lot of brands are making lip oils, but I discovered this brand, Clarins, on a recent trip to Paris and it’s great.

Clarins Lip Comfort Hydrating Oil

Meanwhile, I have in mind something we can all share—matching PJs for cozy movie nights at home. I’m just glad my girls still like to hang with me!!

Roller Rabbit Monkey Polo Pajamas

SUSAN:  Is there anyone else in your family that you consider a mother figure?

RACHEL:  I’ve always had a very close relationship with my aunt—my dad’s sister. Actually, my aunt never had biological children (she’s a stepmom), and I was the only girl in the family for a long time, so she and I are incredibly close. After my dad passed, we became even closer. Without a doubt, she has mothered me many times over the years.

My aunt and uncle are very active and have gotten into RV trips. For something small, I’d get her a pair of light hiking gloves with a phone touch to replace the ones of hers that I lost last year!

The North Face Women’s Etip Recycled Gloves

And for a splurge, I know this Yeti cooler is something she’d love but never buy for herself.

Yeti Hopper Flip Soft Cooler

RACHEL: So who else is on your mind this Mother’s Day?

SUSAN: I’m lucky. I met my best friend at summer camp when I was 9 years old, and we’ve remained best friends to this day. Few people get something that special, and I can’t believe my good fortune in finding her. She and I are both motherless, and the truth is we take turns mothering each other.

My first gift to her? You’ve got to see the humor in growing older, and you also need to make it chic! These reading glasses accomplish both.

IZIPIZI Collection C Square Readers, 45mm

But for something more special, these are just the most beautiful looking and delicious smelling candles, a great gift when you want to spoil someone you love.

Trudon Abd El Kader Classic Candle

SUSAN: And you?

RACHEL: They say it takes a village, and never have I believed that more than now, working on bringing Six to Sunday (STS) into the world. I’ve been blessed by the number of amazing women who have partnered with, advised, mentored, and worked tirelessly alongside me (including you!!).

My bite-sized pick would be a favorite STS beauty product that we discovered the last year. I’d gift it in Naturel because it’s a subtle pink shade that works on any skin tone. Plus, it’s super moisturizing.

Jones Road Beauty Miracle Balm

If money were no object, I would give this gorgeous and lux travel pillow, because I know you all have your eyes set on travel after the last few years!

Slip Jet Setter 3-Piece Travel Pillow Set

RACHEL: OK, how could we forget?! We are both moms to our fur babies.

SUSAN: Yes, I feel we need to thank them for being the best STS Zoom companions!

You know I love my fur babies—brother/sister cats that I adopted from a shelter 7 years ago—and for sure I baby them. Pedestal food dishes are better for their digestion, but the ones they currently use aren’t nearly as chic as these food bowls. I know, maybe this is more of a present for me than for them, lol.

Frewinky Ceramic Raised-Cat Food and Water Bowl Set

SUSAN: And for yours?

RACHEL: The love I have for my dog (despite her insanely loud snoring) is off the charts, as almost everyone who has a fur baby can attest.

Lucy & Co. makes the most whimsical dog harnesses that always make me smile. I totally love this “under the sea” motif.

Lucy & Co Under The Sea Reversible Dog Harness

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