Best Fitting Jeans for Every Body Type

Finding a great-fitting pair of jeans doesn’t have to be the Holy Grail of shopping, it just feels that way.
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Finding a great-fitting pair of jeans doesn’t have to be the Holy Grail of shopping, it just feels that way. You know the ones we’re talking about–they make you feel 10 pounds thinner and three inches taller, they’re polished enough for work but comfortable enough for the weekend, and they celebrate and camouflage your shape in equal parts.

Our advice? Find what works on your body, forget about the size, and only wear what feels good.

If you’ve been finding yourself asking “What jeans are best for my body type?” don’t be daunted. There are LOTS of different types of jean styles to choose from in shape, style, rinse, finish, and price point, and we’ve done the leg work for you.

Jean Style: The Wide Leg

What it is: Full leg from hip to ankle.

Body type it’s best for: Pear shape, Hourglass, Big shoulders, Narrow frame.

What to pair it with: Something fitted on top - like a fitted t-shirt topped with a blazer or a cropped jacket. Wear with chunky flats or boots.

Pro tip: Try them in a colored or neutral denim. Unexpected and super chic.

Talbots Wide-Leg Moonlt Jeans
J. Crew Denim Trousers in Wesly Wash
NYDJ Teresa Ankle Wide Leg Jeans
Joe's The Mia Coated High Waist Wide Leg Jeans

Jean Style: The High-Rise Skinny

What it is: Super fitted from top to bottom.

Body type it’s best for: Anyone… but especially Pear, Athletic, Curvy, and Petite body shapes. As long as you buy them true to size (avoid the too’s–too small, too large).

What to pair it with: Any blouse you can tuck in, an oversized blazer, or a long knit cardigan. Wear them with flats and sneakers during the day, heels at night, or tucked into a boot at any time.

Pro tip: Look for inky black versions with a metallic finish or a tuxedo stripe for a dressy style.

Spanx Ankle Skinny Jeans, Midnight Shade
Frame Le High Skinny Jeans
Levi's 311 Shaping Skinny
Levi's 311 Shaping Skinny (PLUS)
White House Black Market High-Rise Coated Skinny Jeans

Jean Style: The Mid-Rise Bootcut

What it is: Tailored through the hips and thigh with a slight flare starting mid-calf that ends at the hem.

Body type it’s best for: EVERYbody. This shape is universally flattering.

What to pair it with: Anything goes, you do YOU. Want to hide a midlife middle? Wear a draped sweater or a blouse untucked. Chiseled waist? Tuck in. Big boobs? Loose, deep v-neck. Going for something more professional? Turtleneck and blazer. Looks absolutely incredible with a pointy-toe shoe that peeks out at the hem.

Pro tip: Make sure they’re the right length (to the top of your shoe) and not cropped. (This is where a great tailor on speed dial comes in super handy.)

Express Mid Rise Dark Wash Supersoft Bootcut Jeans
Levi's 315 Shaping Bootcut Women’s Jeans
NYDJ Barbara Bootcut Jeans
Joe's The Hi Honey High Waist Bootcut Jeans

Jean Style: The Boyfriend Jean

What it is: Fitted at the waist, loose in the hips and thighs, and slightly tapered at the ankle (for that perfect cuff).

Body type it’s best for: Apple and Athletic body types.

What to pair it with: Something feminine–a blouse with a necktie, a deep v-neck sweater, silk with a bit of lace–in order to offset the masculine vibe of the jeans.

Pro tip: Skip the versions that are super distressed and leave those for the twenty-somethings.

ZARA Relaxed Boyfriend Jeans
Banana Republic Slouch Jean
Madewell The Tall Slouchy Boyjean in Riverspring Wash
ASKK NY ‘90s Straight Leg Boyfriend Jeans

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