Our Editor In Chief’s Guide To Getting Your Closet Ready For Fall

Key do’s and dont’s and the essential items you need for transitioning seasons .
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As summer starts winding down and thoughts of fall begin to creep in, it’s totally normal to shift your thinking to the next season of dressing.

But before we start adding to our cart, we think it’s best to take stock of what you’ve got.

Last week we talked about refreshing your basics—those go-to pieces you wear on repeat, like jeans, t-shirts, button-downs, and even everyday undies.

This week we want to tackle a closet cleanout, and we have a few simple rules to help guide your seasonal shift.

  1. ASSESS. Make a pile on your bed of the summer clothes—and really look them over. You’re going to make some decisions about what to do with everything—clothes to be cleaned, to be repaired, to get rid of. Be sure to include those summer pieces you DIDN’T wear all season…we’ll get to those in a minute.
  2. CLEAN. Our top tip? Clean things BEFORE you store them. Scuffed shoes, light stains, etc. Use our favorite cleaning products below for DIY things.
  3. REPAIR. Shoes to be re-heeled, sweaters with major pilling, and fabric tears—do yourself a solid and get them to a professional.
  4. DONATE. If it doesn't fit, doesn’t go with your lifestyle (or style), or isn’t what you want on your body, get rid of it. Consider it a gift to give a second life to something. This especially goes for the things you never wore this summer—if you didn’t reach for it, you’re likely over it for one reason or the other.
  5. KEEP & STORE. All the eyelets, raffia accessories, sandals, bathing suits, and cover-ups, linen separates, and summer dresses and skirts. Less clutter in the closet is one of your best friends when it comes to great style.
  6. TOSS. Anything that’s faded, yellowed, overstretched, stained, or pilled should be discarded. Don’t forget to apply this to bathing suits, bras, panties, and workout clothes.

May we remind you: A tighter edit of clothing you love is a good thing.

Ready to go? Here’s a list of resources to get yourself organized and keep your clothes in the best shape possible.


No more wire hangers!! (#IYKYK). Get yourself proper hangers so your clothes hang nicely while improving the whole closet experience. Our advice? Match your hanger hardware to your closet interior.

Amazon. Slim profile, non-slip, classic black. Our CEO’s favorite pick.

Amazon Basics Slim Velvet, Non-Slip Suit Clothes Hangers

Container Store. The white color brightens what’s often a dark home (your closet), offered in a variety of styles.

The Container Store Slim Woods Shirt Hanger w/ Notches

Storage Bags

If you can eke out some space to rotate your closet seasonally, we highly recommend it. You’ll give the current season of clothes more breathing room, making it easier to see what you have, and you’ll also eliminate the dreaded closet crush. These bags have enough oomph to hold up.

Ikea GORSNYGG Storage Case
The Company Store Company Essentials Storage Bag

Closet Scent

A neutral scent, just to keep it a smidge more fresh .

Clothes Doctor Natural Fragrance Bag
European Spa Source Lavender Sachets

Clothing Steamer

Easy to use and lightweight, you can banish wrinkly clothes in an instant - the newer handheld versions are fantastic.

Conair Handheld Garment Steamer for Clothes
Nori Press Steam Iron

Clothing Stain Remover

When it comes to clothes, clean first THEN store.

OxiClean Max Force Laundry Stain Remover

Clothing Pill Remover

A game changer in the life of your sweaters. This one is STS CEO approved.

Conair Fabric Shaver

Dryer Balls

Give a little fluff to anything you put in the dryer.

Food52 Five Two Wool Dryer Balls

Lint Roller

Our Editorial Director is a super fan: A quick roll should be the last thing you do before you walk out the door (pet mamas, take note).

Scotch-Brite Lint Roller

Single Use Shoe Cleaner

For surface dirt and smudges on sneakers or light-colored shoes, these wipes are the best on the market. For more aggressive wear and tear, get to a skilled shoe repair tech (again, BEFORE you store them).

Jason Markk 30-Pack Show Cleaning Quick Wipes

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