Find Your Style: 101

With so many women feeling lost figuring out their style as they age, we partnered with Hardie Cobbs to answer the question: How to Find My Style?
Hardie Cobbs

I’m Hardie Cobbs, and I’m a certified Style Coach. I help women discover their authentic style and learn how to dress their changing bodies so they can show up in their lives with absolute confidence.

I consult with so many women who feel lost in trying to figure out their style as they age.

Many of us are drawn to a classic look, almost by default because it is the most common style, but we don’t quite feel ourselves (or how we want to show up in the world) when we look in the mirror.

The fact is: most women are curious about “finding their style,” and we know this because hundreds of women have told us so!

So Six to Sunday and I partnered together to answer the question rather simply, “How do I find my style?”

The term I use to describe a style of dressing is an archetype. Here’s what I mean when I speak of archetypes:

  • Classic: Do you like to wear clothes that are tailored, simple, and timeless? Do you enjoy feeling pulled together when you get dressed?
  • Romantic: Do you love softer, more relaxed silhouettes? Are you attracted to metallic or feminine details like pin-tucks or ruffles? Do you enjoy expressing your femininity every now and then?
  • Natural: Do you like to wear clothes that are casual and have more of an ease to the cuts? Do you prefer not to get all dolled up when you leave the house?
  • Dramatic: Do you find minimalism, architectural, or bold tailoring intriguing? Do you play with color blocking or shapes, styles, and pieces that draw the attention of the room?
  • Creative: Do you look at the world in a unique way? Do you like to be a little daring with your outfits?

Rarely does anyone ever fit into one particular archetype. We women are more complex, and hallelujah for that!

We all have many layers to who we are, layers that come from our unique experiences in life. Those layers influence how we see the world and, in turn, how we want to express ourselves.

Maybe you grew up as a ballerina and feel drawn to wearing skirts that remind you of your tutus - gathered and full. Maybe you traveled to Spain when you were in your 30s and are now drawn to bold colors and embroidered pieces due to the confidence women expressed wearing beautiful color combinations and textures.

The trick here is tapping into the unique combination that presents YOUR true personal style (which, by the way, is ever-evolving).

So where to start?

  1. Identify your primary style. Most of us fall into one primary or leading category. Re-read the descriptions above and see which one calls to you.
  2. Identify your secondary style. Was there a second style that had you think “ya know, this is kind of me too?” Often it comes from bringing up memories from your life or shapes and colors you are drawn to but tend not to wear.
  3. Follow my series to help you define (and express) your style. By exploring different style combinations, you will learn more about your unique style and how to bring those influences into your outfits. This is the foundation of personal style.

Your years have taught you about who you are as a woman. Now, it’s time for that to translate into your look.

My goal is to help you with that so you can feel more confident and more excited about your style because when you feel good, you feel empowered. And as we, the women of Six to Sunday like to say, “empowered women empower the world.”

Hardie Cobbs

After battling breast cancer, Hardie Cobbs pivoted from artist to certified Style Coach and founded A Year In Style, a brand she created to help women embrace midlife with confidence. She works with clients all over the world to help them reconnect with themselves and how they want to live this exciting second half of life.

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