Why The Bermuda Short Is Perfect for Women As We Age

Vogue recently declared Bermuda shorts “versatile” and “the epitome of a summer spent in style.” Your instincts may say “No Way!” but...
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Vogue recently declared Bermuda shorts “versatile” and “the epitome of a summer spent in style.”  

Your instincts may say “No Way!” but allow us to explain.

Shorts are notoriously a minefield as we shape shift with age. But with functionality, fit and freedom, the Bermuda short goes to great lengths (around 1 inch above the knee) to meet our style needs.

And Six to Sunday is here to guide you, providing the tools and styles to branch out – to take fashion risks. We want to reignite the joy in dressing and elevate your confidence.

Whether you opt for a wide-leg silhouette or a slim fit, the Bermuda short is an unexpected hero that can be worn on repeat given its fashion flexibility and graceful length. The knee-grazing hemline is flattering, and the high-rise cuts minimize any midsection woes.

Without further ado, we bring you this season’s top three styles – and how to wear them.

Fashion is fun. Life is short. Wear the shorts.


For style that’s not too casual, the key with denim is the tuck. Select denim with stretch to ensure your comfort.

Elevated Chic

This season is about width, which - lucky for us! - is flattering on all shapes and sizes and wears beautifully sun up to sun down.

Office Wear

With blazers abound, a full tuck, polished belt and fitted layer underneath are most flattering. We also love this look with a vest.

Garment Guidelines:

Find Balance: Opposites attract when wearing Bermuda shorts. Skinny bermuda fits pair well with oversized tops. Relaxed bermuda shorts call for more fitted tops.

The Right Tuck is Key: Bermudas look best grounded in a waistline. Two oversized garments drown your shape and create an oversized silhouette.

Utilize Layering Pieces: Layering is the most elevated of the bermuda looks. Jackets and vests are not only chic but beautifully minimize a midsection.

Neutral Makes it Easy: A neutral (or monochrome) color palette is cohesive and maybe even the easiest to execute option!

Would you try a Bermuda short?! Share your favorite ways to wear it below in the comments!

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