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Concierge Query
Our stylists search for an item you want so you don’t have to!
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Six to Sunday-Branded Tote Bag
For women like you, always on the go.
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Pick from our stylists for a personal styling session!
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Select a clothing item from one of our partner fashion brands.
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In Person Styling Event
Invite 5 friends to an in person styling event at your home!
1000 Referrals
“At 40 you are dead in this world and finally there is a site to help women find things that make them feel cool and relevant. I am in love with your mission.”
Sarah P
"When I shop at Chicos, that will be when I wave the white the flag and surrender... like I’m never having sex again. Easy, relevant and thoughtful shopping is such a void in the market! I LOVE this newsletter!"
Jessica S

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